Officers and Directors

People First, Inc. New Jersey Organizational Chart



As can be discerned from our Organizational Chart, People First, Inc. New Jersey is the only organization of its kind that truly recognizes the primordial role of the people we serve, their families and their guardians. This role is seen in their strategic leadership position in our organizational structure. They are the alpha and omega of our organization. All power and authority should, and does emanate from them. Our role as service providers is to assist in channeling, canalizing and coordinating that power and authority by acting as a proxy in situations and circumstances where their own abilities fall short, or proof to be inadequate.

Our core leadership team brings together talented individuals from diverse backgrounds and varied experiences, who are united by the desire to improve the communities around them and to make the world a better place. Our leadership believes profoundly in the notion that valuing, as opposed to merely tolerating differences means creating an atmosphere in which everyone feels included so that individuals can flourish and build the capacity to make their fullest contribution to society.

Executive Staff

Francis A Nkam, Executive Director

Director for Outreach and Development, Vacant

Chief Financial Officer, Vacant