At People First, Inc. New Jersey volunteers perform key organizational functions ranging from secretaries to board president. We consider volunteerism as an effective way to build community and grassroots support, improve communication and explore and test rare skills.

We cherish volunteers because they are generally very highly motivated, with very innovative ideas. They are in it for the best interest of the organization and to foster its mission and vision.

We offer flexible schedules to allow volunteers to joggle and balance their other interests. We invite you to please consider volunteering for People First, Inc. New Jersey.



Our internship opportunities provide high school and college students the possibility of gaining practical hands-on experience. Interns are given assignments in teams, groups or individual basis that are commensurate with their knowledge, skills and abilities. Our interns get to explore and assess their own know-how while exploring avenues for future growth and development.

At the end of their experience with us interns have training and skills that make them more marketable, as they have acquired some specialized skills.

We offer flexible internship schedules, including nights and week-ends to allow interns the opportunity to accommodate their other interests.

Please check often for internship opportunities.